6 NYS Prisons Closing Now - Emmas Premium Services


Inmate movement expected as reduction and closures occur in NYS Correctional Facilities across DOCCS

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My name is Ruchi Kelly Brown

My name is Ruchi Kelly Brown

I I think you’re correct facility and I think you doing the inmates wrong so any package that come from a US Post Office is gladly accepted and I’m going to call the attorney general and I will go to Washington DC myself the justice department cuz I think you doing for and Mr Cuomo knows better than that we put your people in office we pay for y’all to open up your presence now I’m one woman that will fight you all the f****** way and it’s no disrespect I mean what the f*** I said y’all look very nasty innocent people that sit in jail for crimes they never committed you never f****** did a discovery you’ve been putting my son through hell all this f****** life it’s never over your mother f****** and I know it cuz I got a needle in the f****** bedroom from a Suffolk County officer take your s*** and shut up

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